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“I did not choose to become a midwife, becoming a midwife chose me”.

I am a mother of four amazing children who fill my life with love, laughter and joy. I've been married to my best friend for over 2 decades. I love solution finding, especially to complex issues, being a midwife, reading, singing, dancing and spending time with family and friends. I became a midwife to educate and empower pregnant people. Knowledge is power. Power reduces the likelihood of trauma, regardless of the outcomes. Trauma impacts us in ways that we cannot even see or understand until its too late. My goal is to help you to feel like and become an active participate in your maternity care, who is making decisions in your journey to parenthood and beyond.


My midwifery journey started after the birth of our second child. Her birth experience was one of joy and empowerment for all of us. I had the desire to provide that experience for as many women and families as possible. I felt the call to midwifery and the desire to use my head, heart and hands in doing so. I began working as a doula while being a mom and working on a degree in Psychology part-time at Queen’s University.


Many years after feeling the call to midwifery I began my formal training at Maternidad La Luz (MLL) and became licensed to practice midwifery in 2010. MLL is a very busy birthing centre and MEAC accredited school, in El Paso, Texas. While there, I learned prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum skills essential to effective mother-baby care. I learned to work with my head, heart and hands from midwives whose experience ranged from 5-30+ years. After my midwifery training I obtained my Certified Professional Midwife designation and my Texas Midwifery License. After obtaining my license I worked at the birth centre as a staff midwife. During my time at MLL I had the privilege of personally managing over 150 out of hospital births and teaching clinical skills to 40 aspiring midwifery students.


I have since returned to Canada and have practised midwifery in the Canadian context, both in and out of hospital, in Alberta, Nunavik and British Columbia. I feel blessed to have served and supported the women that I’ve worked with both in Texas and Canada. I feel fortunate that I get to continue to do so here in Chilliwack, BC and grateful for the support I receive from my family to continue on this journey.


After my own struggles with breastfeeding, including a baby who could not breastfeed due to a physical impairment, it is now an area that I am well versed in and love supporting moms and babies learn this beautiful art. Breastfeeding and helping mothers to breastfeed has become a passion of mine. I became one of the “go to” people for breastfeeding issues at MLL. I believe that so long as there are no anatomical or physiological impediments for mom or baby, every woman can be successful at breastfeeding if they are given the right tools and support. While I am willing to work hard to help a mother with breastfeeding, I also believe that this a choice and that "fed is best". Because of this, I also provide support, encouragement and guidance for those who choose to not breastfeed or who simply cannot.


I believe that an informed birthing mother has the power to make good choices and decisions for her care and her baby. This experience assists a mother in forming a bond between her and her child that will last a life time. I feel it an honour for a woman to allow me to be a part of this process and make every effort to educate and support her.


I look forward to the opportunity in sharing in your personal journey to parenthood and supporting you during this monumental time of your life.

About the Midwife: About

Winifred is nothing shy of amazing. It was sheer luck I found her for my first pregnancy, but I sought her out for my second. I have unique thoughts when it comes to what I am and am not comfortable with and she went above and beyond to accommodate me. She is open to ideas and never once judged me or my decisions. I can't thank her enough and I can't recommend her enough.

Delaine P

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